Make new dance routines

How to create your own ballroom dancing routine

Create dance routines

make dances

How to make new dances

Selecting an existing dance in box (3) will display the steps used in that dance in box (7).

Highlight and copy these steps in box (7) as a starting point or your new dance routine.

Saving a new dance will overwrite the existing dance so select a ‘Spare' dance in box (3). This is where the dance will be saved.

Paste the copied steps into box (7).

Box (8) shows the list of dance steps available. Double click on a step you want to add in box (8) and this will add it into box (7). Please note that this list is actually an online list, not one on your phone. If you have created new steps that are not shown online then please talk to us about how to add them.

When you have completed the dance routine click button (9) to save and run the dance routine. The saved dance will reappear in box (7) if you return to make any changes.

How to create custom routines