Phone Dancing Game

Ballroom dancing game operation

Play the game to test your skills. The phone will detect your movements and then score on how accurately you follow the routine.

Left foot = phone angle

foot angle

Move forward

move forward

Move backwards


Reinforce learning through play

The ballroom dancing game is designed to make learning fun.

Rather than hours of boring practice you can compete against yourself or your friends.

This makes dance practice more fun and should help you remember the steps far more effectively.

How the game works

Level 1 measures your foot angle at start and finish of one step sequence. No phone movement is checked. With phone held horizontal foot angle is compared against angular rotation of the phone.

Level 2 measures foot angle at the start and finish of every individual foot step. It also constantly compares the direction you move by checking the phone tilt angle. Phone tilt is the vertical angle of the phone e.g. moving forward you tilt the phone towards you and backwards away from you.

Level 3 measures foot angle and direction but without visual aids and requiring greater accuracy.

Game performance

The compasses in mobile phones appear to perform differently so can affect the score accuracy. Watch how well the arrow turns and remove phone covers with magnets in and test in different locations.

Direction is measured by the phone's accelerometer. But acceleration is very sensitive to phone tilt angle so we recommend tilting the phone to always get a clear signal of direction.