Dance Training Options

Dance training features available in the program

Select dance type

Dance menu

Select the type of dance you want to learn.

Select dance routine

dance routine menu

Select from a list of different dance routines.

Select training or game mode.

dance mode menu

Select from 3 different lesson modes or 3 game skill levels.

Select dancers feet display

feet to show menu

You can select either the lead, following dancer or both dancers feet to be displayed.

You can select whether you want the footprints displayed or just the main feet.

Program features and controls

game control buttons

The top of the screen shows the step title, the step count and tips for positioning or posture etc. for that point within the step.

Two slide controls adjust the size and speed of the steps. You may need to reduce the feet size to see larger routines. The speed should be set to slow when learning the dance then adjust to the same tempo as your music when you practice.

Depending on what mode you are in different 'forward' or 'back' buttons will be displayed. The small arrows move the dance forward or backwards one step. The large arrow plays the dance sequence automatically. The double arrow jumps to the next step or routine.

The 'two feet' button selects the display for either the lead, follower or both feet.

Turn the sound on or off with the speaker button.

Open video or picture examples of this dance with the movie button.