Phone Dancing App Features

Find out what you can change in the game

The following is a brief description of how to add your own ballroom dance routine steps.

Dance and user setup nenu

menu screen

Select the dance type and dance routine.

Select your training or game mode.

Choose to see the lead or follower steps and whether you want to see all footprints.

Dance training

dance training

Watch the program take you through individual steps or complete dances.

Control the speed, size, lead, follower or both feet. Turn sound on or off and access video examples of the dance steps.

Dance game

dance game mode

Move the phone in time with the steps. Find out if you are skilled enough to score a perfect 10.

Includes 3 different skill levels.

Level 1 measures phone angle to foot angle.

Level 2 is phone angle and direction based on phone tilt.

Level 3 repeats level 2 but requires more accuracy and gives no hints.

Add new steps

step setup

Dance teachers can add new steps in the PC download version.

Build new dance routines

dance routing setup

Dance teachers can add a list of steps to create a new ballroom dancing routine.

Only the PC download version can save files at present.

Add a new dance step

Ballroom, line dancing, barn dancing or disco steps can be added using our step builder software.

Simply left click the mouse to drag each foot to where you want to place it.

Right click on a foot to see its existing details in the floating edit panel

You can add the position, angle and style values directly into the edit panel.

Add up to 24 steps into each step group, then later as many step groups as you need.

Use step 0 to add the start feet position and the step descriptions in the text box.

Right click to see the start feet conditons in the edit panel.

Notice the start feet use the abosulte position relative to the phone screen for starting the dance. All other steps use the feet position relative to the start feet. This means that you only need to make one straight step and then in the main dance the start feet position will be the end of the last step and all of the other steps will change angle at the same time.

Don't change the style of the start feet. It will have no effect.

WARNING! Always switch to a new step before you save the steps or the program will not remember the last step and press refresh often to reset the relative locations.

Build a full dance routine

A full dance routine is made up of a series of different step groups.

So simply add the steps you've previously created into a list of steps to form the complete dance.

Users can step through each step. Loop back through each step group or play the whole dance a any speed they wish.

It may be easier and quicker to simply add the dance routines as a list of step names in a text file. You can copy the format from existing files in the .exe download file structure.

The full setup program is only available to testers at present.

Further details on adding dance steps

The program key frames for each step run on the music beat.

Data is saved in clearly named groups of steps e.g. basic waltz or spin turn. A typical code would be WZSpinTurnLF180BackRF-90. This is made up of WZ for the Waltz and a clear description of the step, followed by LF or RF for Left or Right foot to start and then 90 or -90 for a clockwise or anticlockwise turn.

The dance is a selection of these movements e.g. turns. Chasse standard etc. all joined together in turn, and a saved 'dance routine'.

The program is expected to have a range of standard steps although registered 'advanced users' will be able to add their own steps, being careful to give them unique names so they will not be overwritten by others, so we may need to add a name at the end.

Dance routines will be separate to the program and can be purchased as add ons.

Each step has an angle and direction. Because people will move in time with the music but their size will be different we don't measure step length, but just the direction of travel, time and foot angle.

Values are saved in the data file and compared with the measured values to give the score.

Dance step facilities

PHONE ANGLE = Foot Angle at end of step.

PHONE PITCH/ROLL = Foot direction at every step

TIME CONTROL = Each step

FOOT STYLE = Foot heel or toe as angle of object

Users can display one or all steps. They can step through the dance at any speed or loop back different steps.