Ballroom Dancing Game

Learn ballroom or line dancing steps then test yourself against the phone's game

The quickest, easiest and most fun way to learn a wide range of ballroom dancing steps

How beginners learn to dance

phone dancing screenshot

Our phone dancing app is designed to help beginners learn their steps and gain the confidence to dance around the room.

The game will make learning dance steps great fun and encourage friends and family to join in to show off their talents.

Players will soon have the confidence to be ballroom dancing around their rooms and be ready to participate at dance lessons or go to actual tea dances to perfect their grace and body positions.

Training and game controls

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Set the dance training mode to suit your level of skill and experience at the ballroom dance routine selected.

How the dancing game works

The user will select from a range of dance routines.

The phone or tablet will show the steps in a range of different ways to make it easy for the user to learn and practice the dance at their own time and pace.

Options for learning each dance will be:-

Learn individual dance steps

Watch and practice each step, repeating one step until you have perfected it.

Practice all dance steps

Play the complete sequence of steps at a speed that suits you. First the sequence of steps and then as a complete dance.

Play the game to test your skills.

Have fun playing the game where your phone will detect your movements and score on how accurately you follow the correct ballroom dancing routine.

Level 1 measures you foot angle at start and finish of the complete step.

Level 2 measures foot angle for every foot movement and the direction you move (phone tilt).

Level 3 measures foot angle and direction but without visual aids and requiring greater accuracy.

How dance teachers benefit

Registered users, such as dance teachers, get some extra software to create their own dance routines and give or sell them to their students to play at home on their mobile phone. This will act as homework to let the students practice and perfect their skills.

We hope to offer dance routines for sale from this site as game add ons, with contributors earning commission on sales.

Ultimately we'd like to direct phone dancing app users to their nearest dance school to take proper dance lessons. Or to their closest tea dance to enjoy the full ballroom dancing experience.

Development notes

The free version of the game are now available for Android and iPhones from our download page.

We are currently adding more dances an working with dance teachers to ensure we have the best format and a full range of dance steps. If you'd like to join this development program or have the ability to add your own dances then please contact us.